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Fei WEI Professor

Scientific Profile

Professor Wei is director of the Fluidization Laboratory of Tsinghua University (FLOTU). FLOTU is dedicated to studies of new and unsolved problems in fluid particle multiphase flow reaction systems. A full range of theoretical to practical applications is studied in problems as varied as the gas solids flow structure of gas-solid turbulent flow, ultrafast fluid-solid reaction, nano powder characterization and flow, optimum design of catalytic fluidized bed reactors.
Though based on a foundation of research in two-and three-phase fluidization, current and future efforts are being directed toward developing novel multiphase systems for petrochemical, materials and energy environmental applications. Novel reactor design and optimization, and nanoparticle reaction systems are a few of the areas to be addressed. Hydrodynamics and other transport phenomena as well as reactor performance of these systems are targeted for basic study.

The group is well-equipped for advanced studies in many areas. Gas-solid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid-solid reactors of various sizes and configurations have been designed, built, and used both in research and in industries and measurement techniques including cluster image and analysis system, phosphors tracer techniques, laser doppler velocimetery at high density, particle image velocimetery (PIV) duel-leg optical fiber density sensor have been developed.

Research Interests

Carbon Nanotubes structure control and mass production
Coal to Chemical process and catalyst study
Light paraffin dehydrogenation 
Solar cell and energy storage materials mass production

Recent Publications, Presentations and Events


1.Multi-phase chemical reaction engineering and technology, Tsinghua University Press, 2006,Editors: Yong Jin and Wei Fei
2.Fluidization'06 Science and Technology, Editors:Fei Wei and Masayuki Horio, 2006.9

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